Setting Internal Traces


You can use this function in SAPconnect and in SAPphone. If errors occur in SAPconnect when sending or receiving documents, you can set a trace to investigate the cause of the problem. If errors occur in SAPphone when inbound calls are being processed or when predictive dialing is used, you can set a trace to investigate the cause of the problem.


  1. Call SAPconnect administration (SCOT) or SAPphone system administration (SPHB).
  2. Choose Utilities ® Trace ® Internal trace.
  3. Under Switch trace on/off, specify the areas for which the trace is to be set:


Select the areas for which the trace is to be switched on, switched off or continued (Continue only is used to specify that the trace is only written for objects for which a trace is already running.):

    • Outbound
    • Inbound
    • Global (non message-specific processes)


Select the areas for which the trace should be switched on or off:

    • Inbound calls
    • Predictive dialing.
  1. Choose .


The actions in the specified areas are logged. You can display and analyze a trace in the SAP System. In addition, you can store a trace in a file on your PC and, for example, process it further in a spreadsheet program or send it to the SAP Hotline for further analysis when trying to find the cause of an error.



Displaying a trace

  1. In SAPconnect or SAPphone administration, choose Utilities ® Trace ® Internal Trace.
  2. Under Display, select the traces that you want to display and choose Display. You can select the following traces:
    • Today's: All traces set on the current day (in the case of SAPphone, a distinction is made between Inbound calls and Predictive dialing.)
    • With variant: Traces that were set with a specific variant. Also specify the variant.
    • Via selection screen: Traces that you wish to limit further. In this case, a selection screen is displayed on which you can make further restrictions. It is advisable to specify the trace type: D for SAPconnect, G for SAPphone: Inbound calls or F for Predictive dialing.

A list of the traces that correspond to your selection criteria is displayed.

  1. Select the required trace by double-clicking on it.
  2. You can call further information in the trace display by clicking once on in the column mz.

Loading a trace onto your PC

  1. In the trace display, choose List ® Save ® File.
  2. Specify the required format and confirm.
  3. Specify a directory and a file name, for example C:\SAPPCADM\Trace0302.htm.
  4. Then choose Transfer or Copy.