Creating an RFC User


To receive messages (including status messages), an RFC user is required. An RFC user has to be created in every client in which messages are to be received. An RFC user is also required in order to receive messages using the SMTP plug-in.

The RFC user is an SAP user of the type Service. Therefore, it is not possible for a person to logon with this user name in dialog.



       1.      Choose Tools ® Administration ® User Maintenance ® Users.

       2.      Enter a name, for example MAIL_ADMIN.

       3.      Choose .

       4.      On the tab page Logon data, select the user type Service.

       5.      Enter a password.

       6.      On the Profiles tab page, enter the authorization profile S_A.SCON. This profile minimizes the risk of misuse, even if the communication system does not store the password is encoded form.

       7.      Choose .