The SMTP Node


If you want to use the SMTP plug-in to send Internet mails, faxes, and/or SMSs externally, use the SMTP node. This node is delivered with SAPconnect and has to be adjusted to meet the requirements of your system landscape. In contrast to the other nodes, you cannot create any more SMTP nodes, nor can you delete the existing one. If you do not use the SMTP node, you cannot activate it (that is, you cannot set the Node in use indicator).


To send using the SMTP plug-in, you have to set parameters for the profile of the Internet Communication Manager (ICM). For more information about this, see Using SMTP with SAP Web AS.


In SAPconnect administration (transaction SCOT), double-click on the SMTP node.

Specify the following parameters with the ICM server/port combination to be used to send the messages:



Mail host

Host name of mail server for outgoing messages

Mail port

Port number for mail server for outgoing messages

Code page

The code page to be used when sending messages.

Also specify the following attributes:



Maximum waiting time for repeat send attempt procedure

Specify how long the send attempts are to be repeated for before the send process is cancelled, in the event of a communication error occurring when connecting to the mail server.

Node in use

Select this attribute when you are using the node.

Choose Set for the communication methods that the node can process. For each communication method, enter the formats and address areas that the node is to process. In the case of the communication methods FAX and SMS, also specify the domains to be used for address conversion. If, for example, you enter, the fax number DE 06227/7-455555 is converted into the following address: