Defining the Structure of an Archiving Object


To define the structure of the tables in your archiving object, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the archiving object in the list on the initial screen of transaction AOBJ, and choose Structure Definition under Archiving Object.

    The Structure Definition maintenance screen appears.

  2. Choose New Entries, and enter the following data:
      • Record No.
        Organizational numbering without any functional significance. We recommend you use sequential values for transparency, such as 10, 20, 30, and so on.
      • Parent Segment
        Structure name of the superior segment (this field is empty for the top segment). This can be a structure active in the ABAP Dictionary or an alias.
      • Segment
        Structure name; this can be a structure active in the ABAP Dictionary or an alias.
      • Structure
        If you are working with a logical database and the structure name under Segment is a alias, this field contains the actual structure name active in the ABAP Dictionary.
      • Do Not Delete
        Identifies the segments not to be deleted. This information is also used in
        Displaying Tables and Archiving Objects (transaction DB15).

If you entered an alias, check to make sure you actually need to use this.

  1. Save your entries and return to the initial screen of transaction AOBJ.