Application data must often be stored in files outside the database. Depending on the particular operating system in use, files are stored in different directories, and file and path names must comply with different syntax requirements. Therefore, many SAP application programs use platform-independent logical file names and call the function module FILE_GET_NAME when storing data in files. The function module takes a logical file name as input and returns the corresponding platform-specific file name and path.

By using this function module, you can assign file names in your application programs in a standardized way and independently of different hardware and software platforms.

To achieve this, logical file names and paths must be defined in the system. These definitions are maintained in the implementation guide in section Basis Components ® System Administration ® Platform-independent File Names, or with transactions FILE and SF01.

Definitions used by SAP applications are delivered with the system and possibly adjusted in the implementation process. See the application-specific documentation for information on which applications use which logical file names. Further definitions can be added according to requirements.