Define application log objects

  1. Call the maintenance transaction with Tools ® ABAP/4 Workbench ® Development ® Other tools ® Application log.
  2. Choose New entries. An empty input area is displayed.
  3. Enter an object name according to the naming convention:

    - first character "Y" or "Z"

    - second and third character: application ID (e.g. FI)

    - fourth position, any character

  4. Enter a descriptive short text.
  5. Save your entries.
  6. If you want to define sub-objects:
    1. Choose the line with the object.
    2. Choose Table view ® Other view. A structure overview is displayed for selection.
    3. Position the cursor on "Sub-objects", and choose Choose. The sub-object display window for the chosen object is displayed.
    4. Choose New entries.
    5. Enter a sub-object name (beginning with "Y" or "Z") and a descriptive short text.
    6. Save your entries.

If several systems are being used, the object data must be transported. Sub-object data are not automatically transported with the object. They must each be entered separately in a change request.