Integrating the functionality into the program

  1. Include the generated program parts in your program code with an INCLUDE statement.
  2. When application changes are made, complete the change-relevant fields as appropriate.
  3. To create the change document, call the object-specifically generated update program with a PERFORM statement using the name defined in F<K4>CDC.

The INCLUDE program part F<K4>CDT can only be included once, because it contains a further INCLUDE program part (F<K4>CDF, with generally valid data definitions), which is also contained in the other F<K4>CDT program parts (e.g. FXX02CDT, FXX03CDT, etc.). It must be included in the global data definitions.
In this case the F<K4>CDT program part must be included for the first change document object or <K4> code, which contains the INCLUDE program parts for general (F<K4>CDF) and object-specific data definitions (F<K4>CDV), for all others only the F<K4>CDV program parts.