Define change document object

Proceed as follows:

  1. Call the change document maintenance transaction (Tools ® ABAP/4 Workbench ® Development ® Other tools ® Change doc. object). An overview of existing change document objects is displayed.
  2. Choose the menu option Create.
  3. Enter a name for the change document object which is to be created. It can be any name starting with "Y" or "Z" (customer name area).
  4. Choose Continue. A new window for inputting the associated tables appears.
  5. Enter a descriptive short text for the change document object.
  6. Make the following entries for each table whose changes are to be logged in the change document for this change document object:

    - Table name
    Name of the table, as defined in the Dictionary

    - Copy as internal table flag.
    If the change data are to be passed in an internal table (multiple case), mark this field. If it is not marked, the change data are passed in a work area (single case).

    - Doc. for individual fields at delete flag
    If you want separate log entries for each field when data are deleted, mark this field. If it is not marked, the deletion of all relevant fields is entered in one document item.

    - Ref. table name. (Name of the reference table)
    If the currency and unit fields are defined in a reference table, rather than in the table passed, you must pass the name of the reference table, and the field referred to, to the function module. Create an INTTAB structure in the Dictionary, and define fields for this structure, which are made up of the names of the associated reference table and the reference fields.
    Enter the name of this structure here.
    In the individual case, the reference information is passed in the form of two extra work areas (old, new). In the collective case, the internal tables are extended to include the reference structure.

    - Name of the old record fields
    Only possible for single case, i.e. when passing change data in a work area: If you do not want to use the * work area, enter an alternative work area name here.

  7. After inputting all relevant tables, choose Insert entries. The new entries are copied into the display.
  8. Save your entries.

Transport change document object

The change document objects are a transport object type, a change request is made when the object is created.

During transport the object-specific update is generated in the target system.