Measurement Unit Conversion

Function group SCV0

This function group contains the following function modules:

With this function module, you determine the conversion factors for the conversion of a measurement unit into another using the measurement units table. This does not apply to measurement units within a dimension.
The module also returns the number of decimal places to which the values in the unit UNIT_OUT are to be rounded. This also applies to units with no dimension.
The following formula applies for the conversion:

(value in the unit UNIT_OUT) = (value in the unit UNIT_IN) * numerator/denominator + additive constant.

·        ROUND
With this function module, you round a value to the specified number of decimal places. You can choose between three rounding types:

-         Rounding up

-         Rounding down

-         Commercial rounding

The rounding is performed internally with the same field type as that of the field passed.
Rounding errors can thus occur when rounding a FLOAT value. If you want a high degree of accuracy, the passed field should have the type P.

·        SI_UNIT_GET
You pass either a unit or a dimension to this function module to get the SI unit. If you pass both a unit and a dimension, the SI unit for the dimension is returned.

With this function module, you convert a value according to the factor passed.

With this function module, you can check whether the two units passed belong to the same dimension.

·        UNIT_GET
With this function module, you get the appropriate measurement unit for the specified dimension and conversion factor.

With this function module, you convert a value using the measurement unit table, and round it, if appropriate.
You can also perform the rounding without conversion.
Conversion with this function module requires that the measurement unit table is maintained for both units, and that both units belong to the same dimension, i.e. also that they have dimensions.
The rounding can, however, also be performed for units which have no dimension.