Determine calendar ID

Some function modules only get general calendar data. They can be called without any preparation. Others provide data about particular holiday or factory calendars. To call these function modules, you need the relevant calendar ID. To find it, proceed as follows:

  1. Call the calendar maintenance transaction in one of the following two ways:

    - In the implementation guide for Global Settings choose ® Maintain calendar ® Execute

    - Call the transaction SCAL in the OK-Code field.

  2. Choose the option "Holiday calendar" or "Factory calendar".
  3. Choose Display.
    You receive a list of all holiday or factory calendars which exist in the system, with descriptive text and ID.
  4. Choose a calendar.
    Call the function Display. definition, to get the definition of the chosen calendar.
    Call the function Display calendar, to get a calendar overview. In the factory calendars overview screen you can choose a year and display a calendar page for the chosen year with the function Display year.