Reservations in Development Namespaces

To maintain naming conventions in the ABAP Workbench, you need the administration authorization in the Transport Organizer (S_CTS_ADMIN). To maintain the views, first go to the Transport Organizer tools. Go to Administration and choose Display/Change Namespaces.

To make a new reservation, switch to change mode and make entries in the following fields:

  • Naming convention

Enter the start of your chosen name to specify the naming convention for your objects (and protect it for your package). This name must contain the namespace prefix of the namespace reserved for your development work. The naming convention you enter can have a maximum of 16 characters. This is because the databases supported by SAP do not permit database objects created in the SAP System to have names longer than 16 characters.

  • Package

Enter the package of the project whose naming convention you want to protect. Remember that the package you enter must have the same namespace prefix as the naming convention you have chosen.

  • Short text

Enter a short description of the naming convention. This could be the name of the project, or the application for which you made the reservation.

The SAP System automatically enters and saves your user name and today's date. When you save your changes, the Change and Transport System records them in a request.

When you have completed the reservation, distribute your changes to all your development systems. You can do this in the following ways:

  • manually
  • by transporting the request in which your changes were recorded