change the settings in the graphics function


Settings ® Header ® Change... calls a dialog box. Here you can enter a new text for the second header line. If you select Transfer, this text now appears in the graphic.

Change partitioning

You can specify here how the inner frames are to be partitioned in maintain mode.

  1. Choose Settings ® Change partitioning. A screen is displayed in which you can specify how the screen is to be partitioned.
  2. Click on the partitioning you require and choose Apply.

Change sequence

You can specify here the sequence of the areas (display, navigation, and insertion area) to be used in maintain mode. Proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Settings ® Change sequence. A screen is displayed in which you can specify the sequence.
  2. Click on the sequence you require and choose Apply.

Movability on/off

  1. To make it possible to move entity types, select Settings ® Movability on/off. A pop-up window is displayed confirming that this function has been activated.
  2. To move an entity type, depress the left mouse button and drag the entity type to the desired position.