use the graphics utilities Compress/Expand data model, Adjust, Visibility and Restrict area

Compressing/expanding data models

  1. Select one or more data models from the graphic.
  2. Choose Edit ® Compress.

    Each selected data model is compressed to form a node, which has the same color as the data model and contains the data model short text. All ingoing and outgoing relationships are compressed to a single line each.

  3. With Edit ® Expand you can restore the original status of the selected data models.


  1. Choose Edit ® Adjust. A dialog box appears.
  2. You can specify here whether you wish to adjust only the selected nodes and links, or whether you wish to adjust the complete data model. After making your selection, choose Cont.

The automatic layout mechanism is activated and optimizes the layout of the graphic with respect to the positioning of the nodes and the paths taken by the links.


You can use this function to make previously selected nodes (entity types, specialization categories) and links (relationships, specializations) invisible.

  1. Select the objects you wish to make invisible.
  2. Choose Edit ® Visibility ® Hide. The selected nodes and links are no longer displayed in the graphic.
  3. To make the hidden nodes and links visible again, choose Edit ® Visibility ® Show.

The hidden objects must have been selected first. (If in doubt, start by selecting Edit ® Select ® Select all.)

Restricting the visible area

This function allows you to restrict the visible area to the selected entity types. Direct predecessors and successors are shown as black dots and are labeled with the relevant entity type ID.

  1. Select the objects that are to be displayed.
  2. Choose Edit ® Restrict area ® On. Now only the selected nodes and their connections are displayed.
  3. Choose Edit ® Restrict area ® Off. The original status is restored.