use the graphics utilities Get environment, Suppress and Reload

Get environment

  1. Select one or more entity types whose environment you wish to load.
  2. Choose Utilities ® Get environment and one of the functions Predecessors, Successors or Predec. + successors.
  3. If no predecessors or successors are found, a message informing you of this is displayed.

    If only one predecessors or successor is found, it is displayed directly on the graphic.

    If several predecessors/successors are found, the screen Get Environment: Choose Entity Types is displayed. The screen contains a list from which you can select the predecessors/successors you wish to be included in the graphic.

  4. Choose Transfer to include the selected predecessors/successors in the graphic. You are returned to the graphic. The predecessors/successors that were transferred are now displayed.


The Suppress function enables you to remove entity types from the graphics display. (This function does not physically delete the entity types.)

  1. Select all entity types you wish to suppress from display.
  2. Choose Utilities ® Suppress.


The function allows you to branch to the ABAP/4 Repository Information System to search for other data models or entity types, which you can then transfer to the graphic. When you do this, however, the previous contents of the graphic disappear from display.

  1. Choose Utilities ® Reload and Data models or Entity types. The corresponding selection screen of the ABAP/4 Repository Information System is displayed.
  2. Enter your selection criteria and choose Execute.
  3. A hit list is output. Select the objects you require and load them into the graphic with Transfer.