change the positions in the graphics

To maintain entity type positions, proceed as follows:

  1. In the graphics maintain mode, select the data model whose entity types you wish to move.
  2. Select Edit ® Position cursor ® Positioning on/off. The selected data model is now displayed in the color magenta and all entity types of the data model can be moved. (If the data model has not yet been assigned a task in the Workbench Organizer, a pop-up window informing you of this is displayed at this point.)
  3. You are now in positioning mode and can move the entity types in the data model (with left mouse button held pressed down).
  4. After you have finished positioning the entity types, you can save the entity type positions relative to the data model with Edit ® Position cursor ® Save positions.

    You can display and change the numerical values for these positions in the hierarchy list for the data model.

  5. By selecting Positioning on/off you can return to the maintain mode. The edited model is now returned to its original color.