switch to the graphic function from the data model hierarchy

  1. If you want all objects of the hierarchy to be displayed in the graphic, you must select all these objects. To do so, select the root of the hierarchy with Sel./desel. sub-tree.

    If you wish to display a number of different objects of the hierarchy in the graphic, for example, only submodel Persmodel and entity type Uni1400000 (remuneration class) from data model Unimodel, position the cursor on the each of the required objects in turn and activate Sel./desel. sub-tree (for data models, in this case Persmodell) or Select/deselect node (for entity types, in this case Uni1400000).

  2. Then select Utilities ® Graphics.

In the case of larger data models, such as FI, it could take a considerable time to generate the graphics.