reassign objects in the data model hierarchy

Proceed as follows to reassign modeling objects:

  1. Position the cursor on the modeling object to be reassigned, that is, on the name of the data model (= sub-tree to be reassigned along with all its subordinate objects) or on the entity type you wish to reassign. Activate Sel./desel. sub-tree for data models or Select/deselect node for entity types.

    If you wish to reassign individual entity types and/or submodels, select the objects one after another with Select/deselect node or Sel./desel. sub-tree.

  2. Position the cursor on the object on the same or lower level of the hierarchy to which the objects are now to be assigned.
  3. Select Modeling object ® Reassign.... A dialog box appears.
  4. In the dialog box, specify whether the object to be reassigned is to be on the same or a lower level of the hierarchy.
  5. Activate Reassign....

No other object can be assigned on the same level as a root and no other objects can be assigned subordinate to an entity type.