carry out consistency checks

To display the screen Check Consistency of Data Models, select Utilities ® Consistency checks in the data model definition or the hierarchy.

To carry out consistency checks, proceed as follows:

  1. Define the data models to be checked.

    You can check a single data model or a set of data models. The name of the data model from which you called the screen Check Consistency of Data Models is defaulted as the first value in the selection line Data model. Just as in the ABAP/4 Repository Information System, you can select a certain set of data models here.

    You also have the option of selecting the models to be checked from the data model hierarchy and proceeding with menu options Utilities ® Consistency checks. In the screen Check Consistency of Data Models you can display the list of data models previously selected by clicking on the arrow pushbutton => and make changes if required.

  2. Specify whether the set of data models to be checked contains only Application models, only Business objects or both.
  3. Select the checks you require. You can select any combination of the four checks:

    · All checks: All four checks are made.

    · Check: completeness

    · Check: existence of predecessors

    · Check: connectivity

    · Check: existence of hierarchy_obj.

  4. Select Program ® Execute or Program ® Execute + Print to make the consistency checks and obtain the check log.

If you choose Execute, the check log will be output only to the screen. If you select Execute + Print, you can specify a printer to which you wish to send a printout of the log.

The check log could be very long, depending on the number of data models checked.