switch to another data model

From the screen Create/Change Data Model: Definition, proceed as follows to display or change a different data model:

  1. Choose Data model ® Other model...
  2. A dialog box appears for you to enter the name of the data model you require.

The procedure to be used varies according to whether you know the full name, only part of the name, or whether you do not know the name at all:

Name known

Enter the name in the entry field. Click on the Continue pushbutton to display the definition of the data model.

Part of name known

Enter the part of the name which you know in the entry field and use the * to represent the part you do not know (for example, uni*). Click on the arrow to the right of the entry field.

The ABAP/4 Repository Information System is displayed. Enter any further selection criteria you wish to specify and click on Execute.

A hit list of all the objects corresponding to the pattern you entered is displayed. To transfer the name of the data model to the dialog box, position the cursor on the required data model and press Choose. Press Continue to access the definition of this entity type.

Name unknown

Ensure that the input field is empty, click on the arrow to the right of the field. You branch to the ABAP/4 Repository Information System. You can search for the data model here.

Position the cursor in the hit list on the name of the data model you are looking for and press the Choose pushbutton to transfer the name to the dialog box. Press the Continue pushbutton to access the definition of this data model.