change a data model

Proceed as follows to change a data model:

  1. Enter the name of the data model to be changed in the field Modeling object in the Data Modeler: Initial Screen.
  2. Select Data model under Selection.
  3. Click on Change.
  4. Change the attributes in the screen Change Data Model: Definition:

    · Short text (mandatory)

    · Category

    · Graphics information:

    You can define here the color you wish your data model to have in the graphics. A list of available colors can be displayed with F4.

    · References

    · Definition:

    You can access the text editor by clicking on Editor or by double-clicking on the definition text. You can enter more detailed definitions here.

  5. Save your data model.

To make changes to the hierarchy, you must access the hierarchy.

Select Hierarchy to access the screen Change Data Model: Hierarchy.