determine the assignment of an entity type to data models

  1. Enter the name of the entity type for which you wish to display the assignment to data models in the Modeling object field of the Data Modeler: Initial Screen.
  2. Select Entity type under Selection.
  3. Press Display (or Change).
  4. Select Utilities ® Inverse hierarchy in the screen Display (or Change) Entity Type: Definition. The screen Inverse Hierarchy: Entity Type <entity_type_name> is displayed.

The entity type is displayed as a root from which you accessed the inverse hierarchy in the screen Inverse Hierarchy: Entity Type <entity_type_name>. The next level up is displayed below, that is, the data model(s) directly superior to the entity type. This means that the "higher" an object is in the hierarchy, the "lower" it will be displayed here.

To display the color key, choose Utilities ® Color key....

You can change the display of the inverse hierarchy.

You can also call a general where-used list for modeling objects with Utilities ® Where-used list.