delete relationships

  1. Choose Goto ® Ingoing or Outgoing relatshps in the screen Change Entity Type: Definition.

    If you are in the screen Display Entity Type: Definition, click on Display<->Change to switch to maintain mode.

    The screen Maintain Ingoing (or Outgoing) Relationship appears. A list of existing ingoing (outgoing) relationships is displayed.

  2. Position the cursor on the relationship you wish to delete. If you double-click with the mouse, the screen Maintain Relationship: Definition appears.
  3. Choose Relationship ® Delete in the screen Maintain Relationship: Definition. A confirmation pop-up appears.
  4. Confirm that you wish to delete the specified relationship with Yes. The system automatically displays the updated screen Maintain Ingoing (or Outgoing) Relationship and outputs a message in the status line indicating that the relationship has been deleted.