change relationships

  1. Choose Goto ® Ingoing (or Outgoing) relatshps in the screen Change Entity Type: Definition.

    If you are in the screen Display Entity Type: Definition, click on Display<->Change to switch to maintain mode.

    The screen Maintain Ingoing (or Outgoing) Relationship appears. A list of existing ingoing (outgoing) relationships is displayed.

  2. Position the cursor on the relationship you wish to change and choose Edit ® Choose or double-click on the relevant entity type. The screen Maintain Relationship: Definition appears.

    If you change the cardinality, a pop-up window appears in which you are asked if the definition texts are to be regenerated.

  3. Save your changes.
  4. Click on Back to return to the screen Maintain Ingoing (or Outgoing) Relationship. If you click on Back again, the screen Change Entity Type: Definition appears.