create relationships

  1. Choose Goto ® Ingoing (or Outgoing) relatshps in the screen Change Entity Type: Definition.

    If you are in the screen Display Entity Type: Definition, click on Display<->Change to switch to maintain mode.

    The screen Maintain Ingoing (or Outgoing) Relationships appears. A list of existing ingoing (outgoing) relationships is displayed.

  2. Choose Relationship ® Create. The dialog box Create Relationship: Definition appears.
  3. Enter the name of the source entity type in the field Entity type from or of the target entity type in the field Entity type to in the dialog box.

    If a relationship already exists between the two entity types, you should increment the number of the relationship role. Press F4 on the field Relationship role to see the existing role numbers.

    Choose Continue.

  4. In the screen Create Relationship: Definition make the following entries under Attributes:

    · Category

    · Cardinality

    · Temporary reference (only if category is referential and value for left side of the cardinality is C)

    To display possible entries, position the cursor on the relevant entry field and click on the arrow that appears to the right of the field.

  5. Enter the relationship texts and the corresponding definitions. The definition can also be generated automatically from the cardinality. For this purpose, it must be empty. To generate a definition in this way, press ENTER .
  6. Save the definition of the relationship.