The RfcInstallFunctionExt function is an alternative function, replacing RfcInstallFunction for Windows 3.x (16-bit). The function needs a valid RFC handle as an additional parameter. The syntax is:

RFC_RC SAP_API RfcInstallFunctionExt(RFC_HANDLE handle,
RFC_FUNCTIONNAME functionname,
char* docu)

The function module is installed only for the given RFC connection.

This function is defined in SAPRFC.H.

Return Values:

  • Returns RFC_OK or
  • Returns RFC_FAILURE if there is no memory available to register the function

Function Parameters:

  • handle

Valid RFC connection handle, as returned by RfcAccept.

  • functionname

Name of function as it can be called from ABAP environment. Null terminated string.

  • f_ptr

Function to be called. Must be of type RFC_ONCALL.

  • docu

Text describing the functionality and the parameters of the function module.

The function is available on all supported platforms to ease porting.

See also RfcInstallFunction, RfcDispatch and RfcGetName.