The function

int  SAP_API  RfcConnArgv3(char **  argv,
  RFC_OPTIONS * rfc_opt,
  RFC_CONNOPT_R3ONLY * connopt_r3only
  RFC_CONNOPT_VERSION_3   connopt_version_3);

can be used to build up the structures RFC_OPTIONS, RFC_CONNOPT_R3ONLY, RFC_CONNOPT_VERSION_3 or RFC_CONNOPT_CPIC from the command line.

This function is defined in SAPRFC.H.

Return Value:

·        returns 0.

Function Parameter:

·        argv

Command line to be parsed.

·        rfc_opt

Option structure to be filled.

·        connopt_r3only

Option extension for connection to an SAP system (a valid pointer must be supplied all the time)

·        connopt_version_3

Option extension for a connection to an SAP system of Release 3.0 or later (a valid  pointer must be supplied all the time).


The following tokens are recognized in the argv array, which must be terminated by a NULL entry:

Ў        d <Destination>

name of the destination

Ў        c <NNN>

client (sign on data)

Ў        u <User ID>

user ID

Ў        p <Password>


Ў        l <Language>


Ў        3

SAP system mode

Ў        2

CPIC mode

Ў        t

turn trace on

Ў        h <Hostname>

name of the target host

Ў        s <NN>

system number of the target SAP System

Ў        g <Gateway host>

gateway host (if not specified, the h option is used)

Ў        x <Gateway service>

TCP/IP service of the gateway (default: sapgwNN, where NN is the system number (-s))

Ў        gui

start ‘sapgui’ to be able to display SAP Dypros or Graphics

Ў        debug

start communication in debug mode.

All tokens that were interpreted by RfcConnArgv3 are removed from the argv array.

See also RfcConnArgv.