This function offers the same functionality as RfcConnArgv3, allocating a static instance of RFC_CONNOPT_VERSION_3 internally, however.The syntax is:

int  SAP_API  RfcConnArgv(char **   argv,
  RFC_OPTIONS * rfc_opt,
  RFC_CONNOPT_R3ONLY * connopt_r3only);

This function was used to build up the structures RFC_OPTIONS, RFC_CONNOPT_R3ONLY or RFC_CONNOPT_CPIC from the command line in former releases and is included for backward compatibility.

Use the function RfcConnArgv3 instead, if you are not working on 16-bit Windows. On 16-bit Windows only RfcConnArgv is supported.

This function is defined in SAPRFC.H.

Return Value:

·        returns 0.

Function Parameters:

·        argv

Command line to be parsed.

·        rfc_opt

Option structure to be filled.

·        connopt_r3only

Option extension for connection to an SAP system (a valid pointer must be supplied all the time).

See also RfcConnArgv3.