External Systems

External systems must support TCP/IP.

·     MS Windows platforms:

Microsoft standard

·     UNIX and Linux platforms:


·     OS/390:

TCP/IP for OS/390 from IBM.

·     OS/400:

Manufacturer’s standard.

The RFCSDK contains the RFC API and various test and example programs. For the given platforms, the RFCSDK contains the following libraries and include files:

·     saprfc.h

This include file contains all the required data types, structures and declarations of the RFC functions.

·     sapitab.h

This include file contains all the functions required to manipulate internal tables

·      RFC library

Depending on the platform, the following libraries are required:


MS Windows:

For Unicode: librfc32u.dll,  librfc32u.lib for Compile/Link

For Non-Unicode: librfc32.dll and librfc32.lib, for Compile/Link


UNIX and Linux platforms:

For Unicode: librfcu.a, librfcum.so

For Non-Unicode: librfc.a, librfccm.so



For Unicode: librfcu.o

For Non-Unicode: librfc.o



For Unicode: librfcu.dll

For Non-Unicode: librfc.dll

For more detailed information, refer to: The RFC API

SAP Systems