Steps for Implementing Remote Function Modules

To implement a remote function module in ABAP, perform the following steps:


       1.      Write the code for the function module.

For guidelines for creating function modules in the Application Server ABAP Repository, see: Function Builder

       2.      Register the module as remotely callable in the RFC server system.

In the function module Administration screen (transaction code SE37), set the field Can be called via Remote Function Call. Registering a module as remote causes an RFC stub to be generated for it.


Define the destination of the RFC server in the RFC client system that calls the remote function.

Either you or your system administrator can maintain the RFCDES table using transaction SM59 (Tools ® Administration, Administration ® Network ® RFC destinations). For more detailed information, see Maintaining Remote Destinations.

You can then use this destination in your programs to call the function module.


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