System Trace: Error Analysis


If an error has occurred in connection with the system trace, it is displayed in a group box on the initial ST01 screen (see example below).

You will see the following error details:

·        Action: How did the error occur?

·        When did the error last occur?

·        Error number (errno) and long text from the operating system.

To view the detailed error log choose  Error Log in the group box.


This group box containing the details only appears if there actually is a current error message.

If there is a current error message, a dialog box notifies you when you access the trace evaluation. It warns you that trace records could be missing. As soon as all errors are reset, this dialog box no longer appears.

From the administration screen (see System Trace: Administration) you can also go directly to the error log by choosing the icon  Error Log in the application toolbar. Even if there isn’t a new error message to view, you can view the history of old ones.


The error log is divided into the following areas:

Details of the most recent error are listed in the group box in the upper screen area.

These fields are used for information only.

In the middle group box is a list of all the errors in a table control. Here you will find for each error the same information that is displayed above for the most recent error. An icon shows the status of each error.

The traffic lights have the same meaning:

·        Red : The error is acute and has not been reset either by the system or the administrator.

·        Yellow : The administrator has reset the error message manually with he icon Reset.

·        Green : The system has reset the error, because the action involved has since been performed successfully.

In the bottom group box is a legend.

In the table control you can select each entry individually, several together, or all of them. When you choose the button Reset all the error messages you selected will be reset in the kernel.


Activate the trace on the initial screen and after a short time the group box with the error information will appear.

Now choose the icon  Error Log (the same icon as in the application toolbar on the administration screen), and the log described above appears:

The write authorization for the trace file has been withdrawn at operating system level, which means that the file could not be opened and written to. After the write authorization has been restored, the system resets the error.