Activating Traces

You can activate the trace function for the gateway and for external programs.


You have the following options via the menu option Goto ® Trace ® Gateway:

·        Display File / Reset File

You can display or reset the gateway trace file (gateway reader, default name of trace file: dev_rd).

Every time the gateway is restarted, the old trace file is stored under the name <name>.old(therefore, usually dev_rd.old). The dev_rd file is overwritten.

·        Save as Local File

You can download the trace file onto your local computer.

·        Increase Level / Decrease Level

You can increase ore reduce the trace level (for details see parameter rdisp/TRACE).

·        Use trace logging to locate sporadic or tricky errors. This is described in detail in the documentation: Trace Logging.

External Programs

You can activate and deactivate tracing for communication with external programs by choosing Goto ® Trace ® External programs ® Activate or Deactivate.

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