Creating and Sending System Messages


You are in transaction SM02 (the 'System Messages' screen).


Choose either or Goto ® Create from the menu.

A popup appears, in which you can make the following entries:

  • Enter the text of the message at the top. The message text has a maximum length of 3 lines.
  • You can also specify the clients and servers to which the message is sent, in the Server and Client fields. If you enter nothing or * here, the message will be sent to all users logged on to this system (regardless of client and server).
  • If you enter a language in the Lang. field, only the users that are logged on in that language see the message.
  • Expires on specifies the day from which the message will no longer be displayed to users. The message will however remain in the SAP database and can be viewed until the Delete on date has passed. The default setting for the expiry date is the current day at 11:00 p.m., and the default setting for the delete date is one month later. This data can, however, be overwritten.


You have created a system message. This will now be displayed to every user working in the system. Users receive all current system messages when they log on to the system.

This lasts until the expiration date of the message, or until it is deleted .