Local Executables on SAP Instances

In a distributed homogenous SAP system as of kernel Release 7.00, by default (also under UNIX) all files and programs are distributed from the central instance to the dialog instances.

Here, homogeneous means that the host on which the various SAP instances run, all have the same UNIX or Windows operating system.

In a heterogeneous SAP system made up of instances running on different UNIX operating systems, or running partly on UNIX and NT, the aforementioned does not apply universally since the various platforms cannot use their executables jointly.

In the standard installation of a homogenous UNIX/Windows SAP system the executables are installed so that an automatic synchronization of all executables takes place.

When you first start the system after the executables have been updated, there might be a delay of several minutes while the executables are being copied.

In a UNIX environment you can deactivate this function and use central executables.