Displaying an IDoc Using an XSL Stylesheet


You can represent IDocs in XML format individually (how you generate the Business Connector, for example) by means of a stylesheet. You can test the stylesheets by performing the steps specified below. The ED00_XML process code displays a generic, manual inbound processing.


You have put your stylesheet together with the graphics on the presentation server or in the Web Repository (transaction SMW0). In the Web Repository, graphics are identified as binary objects and stylesheets are identified as HTML templates.



       1.      Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Development ® IDoc ® Generate ALE Interface  ® IDoc Styles (WE34).

       2.      Identify your stylesheet and the graphics using a Style ID. See the F1 Help for the fields. Assign the style ID to the required message type.

       3.      Maintain an Inbound Partner Profile for the required message type. For the process code select ED00_XML. Assign yourself as the permitted agent.

       4.      Generate a test IDoc of the required message type, for example with the Test Tool and start processing.

       5.      You receive a work item in the Business Workplace - when you execute it you receive the XML display of the IDoc.

You can select other stylesheets by using View.

       6.      Exit the work item by selecting Edit. Here you can also set the Deletion indicator with which the IDoc receives an Archivable (and thus deletable) Status.