Changing Segments


Segments are changed using their segment definitions. Only one segment definition may exist for each SAP Release. If a segment already has a segment definition from the current release, the segment can only be changed by overwriting the current segment definition.



       1.      Choose SAP menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Development ® IDoc ® Generate ALE Interface ® Segments (WE31). Enter the segment type and choose  .

The segment editor displays the existing segment definitions with the release indicator and the relevant release.

       2.      Before you change the segment, you should create the transport request for your new segment definition and the relevant documentation. You can access the Workbench Organizer from the segment editor by selecting Utilities ® Requests (Organizer). From there, select  and reply to the questions which appear on screen. By selecting  you can return to the segment editor.

       3.      If the last segment definition is from your release and is also released, you must reset the release indicator by selecting Edit ® Cancel release.

       4.      Edit the last segment definition which has not been released using  or create a new segment definition for the current release using .

If the edited segment definition has a predecessor (that is to say an earlier version), the fields from the predecessor are displayed in gray in the editor and cannot be changed. You can only attach new fields to the segment (predecessor-successor relationship).

       5.      The subsequent steps (edit, save, release, transport) are identical to those described in the section: Defining Segments . The version of your new segment definition is 1 higher than the last segment definition.