Segment Editor


The segment editor is used to create and change segments. Segments are always changed at Segment definition level, that is to say, the version of the segment used in the current release. The segment editor ensures that the rules for creating segment definitions are observed, for example, that only one segment definition may exist per release.


The segment definitions are grouped together from the individual fields and the associated data elements and domains. In addition, application documentation can (and should) also be created for the segment definitions. An overview of the existing segment definitions is displayed immediately. The where-used list contains all the IDoc types in which the relevant segment is already used.

Once development of a segment definition has been completed, the definition is activated and released by the editor. When the definition is activated, all of the associated structures in the ABAP Dictionary are also activated at the same time. The release of the segment definition is a safety concept: Once released, further changes cannot be made to the segment definition.

The segment editor includes an automatic transport link. When you define or change objects, you are automatically asked to create a transport request. You can avoid this by configuring a standard request, to which all changes made in any one session are assigned. The standard request can be configured directly from the segment editor.


·         Changing Segments

·         Defining Segments

·         Communication with Older Releases