Archiving and Deleting IDocs


The IDocs to be archived have an archivable status.



       1.      Go to the central archiving transaction with SAP Menu ® Administration ® System Administration ® Administration ® Data Archiving (transaction code SARA). If necessary, check the object specific Customizing:

Here, for example, you can set the indicator "detailed statement” in the variant to the deletion program: This can be entered in the archiving log of each individual IDoc which is archived. However, this can lead to very large logs which do not necessarily contain useful information.

       2.      Enter the archiving object IDOC and choose the required action, here  Write (= Archive).

A warning will be displayed if some of the archiving sessions for the archiving object IDoc are still incomplete. You can ignore the warning but you then run the risk of possibly archiving some IDocs twice.

       3.      Define the  start date of the archiving session and the  spool parameters (print output).

The traffic lights should now be green, indicating that these parameters have been maintained. Please note that you can set the archiving mode for the print output to Store Only and therefore avoid printing every individual archiving log. Enter the object type IDOC as the attachment parameter and use the F4 Help to select a suitable document type for the object type. Also enter a free text as Additional information for the archiving report.

       4.      Choose   Maintain to create a report variant. As selection parameters, enter the message type and a time period within which the IDocs received their last, current status.

       5.      You can specify whether you want to perform this variant as Test or Production, in the Process Flow segment of the selection parameter screen. If you choose Test, you get statistics of the processed IDocs. For a detailed log, select Detailed Log.  

       6.         Choose  Continue and save your variant.

       7.      Return to the archiving screen and choose .

If you selected immediately in step 3, the message New archiving job was generated is displayed in the message bar at the bottom of the screen.

       8.      You can check whether your archiving session is complete by selecting Job overview. If you choose Administration, an overview of the completed and incomplete archiving runs is then displayed. If IDocs which match your selection parameters were found in the database tables, your archiving session is displayed as a folder full of archive files.

       9.      If not defined differently in object specific Customizing, your IDocs are still located in the database after archiving, that is, your archiving session is not yet complete. To delete the IDocs, you must schedule a deletion job with the appropriate variant. Choose the archive file from which the IDocs are to be deleted from the database.