Active Monitoring


This report automatically informs the agents responsible if too many incorrect IDocs are found.


Active monitoring is not used for processing or reimporting of an incorrect IDoc. Exception handling of every incorrect IDoc is responsible for this.


You plan the report to run regularly with a variant. The variant also informs the report of the status values to be selected: If the critical status contains more IDocs than specified in the critical number of IDocs, a message is sent to a predefined recipient.

The recipient receives the notification in the form of a work item displayed in their Business Workplace. If they execute the work item, the IDoc statistics are displayed with the values determined at the time of evaluation. The agent can display the current status of these IDocs using the Refresh function. The selection criteria which led to the notification are also used for this evaluation.

An important customer orders goods using EDI on working days, between 8am and 6pm. These goods are to be delivered at 4pm the next day. To ensure that the delivery is made on time, the ordered quantity must be recorded by midday on the day of delivery. The active monitoring function is to be used at 8am every morning to determine whether there are any orders which could not be processed automatically. The report, therefore, is started at the same time every day and 0 is selected as the critical number of IDocs. The agent responsible is notified if any incorrect IDocs are found and can then manually process the outstanding orders by midday.

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