Test: Inbound Processing: Modified Outbound File


This program converts an outbound file with IDocs to a correct inbound file and sends the new file for inbound processing. The outbound file is not modified and can therefore be used more than once. The port type here must be set to “File”.


You need a correct outbound file, for example, a file which is generated by the test tool or using a standard outbound processing. In this case, a port of the type “File” must be specified in the partner profile for the IDoc Interface, so that the IDoc(s) can be written to a file.

The sender port must be recognized by the receiving system. The port must therefore be maintained as a port of type “File” in the port definition for the IDoc Interface. The entry for the inbound file must also be given here.


The program imports sender and recipient data as input parameters from the user. The program reads the IDoc file and changes the corresponding entries in the IDoc control record. The changed data is written to a second IDoc file at the operating system level.

Standard inbound processing is then triggered;

·        Reading the modified file

·        Generating the IDoc(s) in the SAP System

·        Processing in the application


Start the test program with SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Test ® Inbound ® Inb. Mod. Outb. File (WE12).

Set the sender and recipient data, as well as the outbound file and the inbound file to be generated (path and name). Your entries for the inbound file overwrite the standard values which you have stored in IDoc administration.

The recipient in this case is the SAP System. The port is used for identification purposes:

·        SAP<SYSID> (for example SAPC11)

The standard values for the partner are:

·        Partner type US

·        No partner function

·        Partner number <your SAP user name> (for example RSMITH)