Test Tool


You can use the test tool to generate an IDoc manually and send the IDoc for either inbound or outbound processing. You are not restricted to a specific port type. You can start with an IDoc type (an “empty” IDoc) or use an old IDoc as a template and edit the IDoc, that is, add segments or change data. This is a good way to test new IDoc types, in particular.

You can forward your new IDoc for standard inbound processing (checking partner profiles and so on). You can also call a function module directly. You can therefore test new function modules for new IDoc types.


·        Start the test tool with SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Test ® Test Tool (WE19). You can use a template for your test IDoc.

You can choose IDoc types as a template, either directly or according to a specific message type. You can use the F4 Help for IDocs used as a template, which searches for IDocs by selection criteria, in the same way, for example, to IDoc Display. When an IDoc file is used as a template, the IDocs are read from this file and are available to you for selection. A default value for the IDoc file gives you the system using your test port which you can enter in IDoc Administration . This test port must therefore be of the “file“ type. The default file is the inbound file entered there.

·        You generate the IDoc using .

The IDoc is displayed as a tree structure. If you do not use a template to create the IDoc type, at least one more segment must be added.

·        To create segments in the form of tree nodes (colored fields) place the cursor on an existing node (for example a control record at the top) and choose .

You can cut, paste or copy individual segments or entire segment groups by positioning the cursor on the relevant segment and selecting the required action from the Edit menu.

·        Click on the white fields to change data in the segments.

In the case of the control record, only the fields which are relevant for standard inbound processing are displayed. Do not forget the required entries in the partner profiles if you want to send the IDoc for standard inbound processing! You can also change all of the control record data by choosing All fields in the edit screen.

In the All fields editor screen you must enter the non-language specific partner function (for example AG for vendor). This is the only screen in the IDoc Interface in which the partner function is not translated into your language (in English AG becomes vendor VD) - in the partner profiles or in the IDoc display the field is always translated. Thus, you see the partner functions here in the way they are saved in the database. This is a unique value in the SAP System and therefore protected against mistakes.

·        The additional procedure depends on whether you want to test inbound or outbound processing.

Outbound Test Tool: Procedure.

Inbound Test Tool: Procedure.