Assigning a Function Module (Direct Inbound Processing)

You can specify that the new function module may process the new basic type with a certain message. In addition, you assign an application object from the Business Object Repository (BOR) (such as a sales order) to the function module, which can transfer the application data from the IDoc to the application object. This step is the ALE registration for the function module.


You must have completed the required steps in Defining and Using a Basic Type .



       1.      Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Development ® Inbound Processing ® Function Module ® Assign IDoc and Message Type (WE57), then  and New Entries.

       2.      Assign your function module to the various objects. Enter 2 as the direction (inbound). Save the new entries in your transport request.

In the example, you should assign the following objects to each other:


IDOC_INPUT_TESTER, type F (function module)

Basic type


Message type


Object type

BUS2032 (sales order)