IDoc Search


Users should be able to find IDocs not only via the address information or control information in the control record but also according to the business data they contain. You also want to be able to answer questions such as: “Which IDocs contain purchase orders for my material XY?”

The IDoc search function can be used to answer such questions. You can search for IDocs both in the database and in archive files.


The function searches for character strings, that is, you must enter the value of a segment field as it appears in the field itself (avoiding full stops and commas whenever possible).

You can enter a maximum of two values in two segment fields as selection criteria. If two values are entered, both must exist in the IDoc in the corresponding segment fields for the IDoc to be included in the list of results (normal AND link in selection fields).

You can also choose to only give the value instead of the segment field. This means that all data records (more precisely: the field SDATA in the data records) are searched for the character string, that is, the character string which is found may span several segment fields.

If you select Quick search mode, the search can be limited to a maximum of one hit in each IDoc, that is, the system terminates the search in the current IDoc after one hit.

The search can and should also be restricted by entering additional search criteria which require values from the control record (in the same way as the other monitoring programs): Creation time, partner and message, direction, and so on.


  1. Choose the transaction WE09 (SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Services ® IDoc Search by Contents ® WE09).
  2. Choose the Data Source button to specify whether you want to search for IDocs from the database or the archive (or both) .
  3. If you have set the ‚Archive’ flag, you can select files in the archive information system, or  manually.

To be able to search in the archive information system, you must have

§         Deleted the IDocs from the database (complete archiving session)

§         Created an archive info structure in the central transaction SARA

  1. Specify all available selection parameters, to restrict the IDoc search as far as possible.