Tracing IDocs System-Wide


In the status monitor you can trace IDocs system-wide to determine the processing status in the receiving system of IDocs with status 3 and 12.


In addition to the status overview you can also display links between IDocs and objects and between individual IDocs.

Displaying Status Overview

Select a status text or a message type / object method and select Trace IDocs.

A status overview of IDoc pairs in the sending and receiving systems appears.

The IDoc selection contains the following columns:

  • IDoc number
  • Status in sending system
  • IDoc number in receiving system
  • Status in receiving system
  • Message type
  • Status text from receiving system
  • Partner number of receiving system
  • Date created
  • Time created
  • IDoc basis type
  • Number of segments

Displaying Links to Objects

To display links select an IDoc number and choose Display links.

A list of objects linked directly to the IDoc appears.

Displaying IDocs

You can display the IDocs individually in the sending and receiving systems . Select an IDoc and choose Display IDocs or double click on the IDoc. The IDoc display contains the control record, data records and status records. For more information choose Help ® Application help.