Combining Segments


You require development authorizations (authorization object S_IDOCDEFT, for example, in the role SAP_BC_SRV_EDI_DEVELOPER) for new definitions. Development takes place in the customer system.


You can:

  • Copy SAP segments which you wish to use in your extension into your namespace (= “Create with reference”).
  • Create segments without reference.

The following section assumes that you are creating segments without reference, that is, defining new field combinations.

  1. Choose SAP menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Development ® IDoc ® Generate ALE Interface ® Segments (WE31). Select Utilities ® Requests (Organizer) to create a request. You will assign all development objects to this request later. Return to the segment editor.
  2. Name your segment type and choose Create. See also: Namespace.
  3. Describe your segment and enter the field names and data elements from which the field lengths (in bytes) and any fixed values are to be determined via the domains. The documentation for the data element is also copied and displayed by the documentation tools.

You should still enter a specific documentation for your segment type by choosing Goto ® Documentation.

  1. Save the segment definition by choosing Save. Enter the segment in a transport request.
  2. Choose Back. The segment definition you have created appears with the version number 000 in the segment editor.

In the example, your segment has the name Z1TEST1 and has the following fields:


Data element