Specify Conversion Matrix


This transaction specifies a matrix which converts the logical system names into new logical system names for a system.


This step is required when a distributed system landscape contains inconsistent logical system names.


1.        Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ® IDoc Interface/ALE ® Administration ® Services ® Customizing Data ® ALE Basis Customizing Data ® Convert ALE Basis Customizing Data ® Specify Conversion Matrix (transaction code BDLSM)

2.       Specify the name of the logical systems in which the conversion is to be made

3.       Specify the conversion matrix by specifying the name change from the previous system name (From System column) to the new system name (To System column).

4.       If you want to change several system names which are maintained in a layer of the ALE distribution model, you can get possible entries help with the Model Views button. When you select a distribution model from the possible entries help, all its system names appear in the From System column.

5.       Specify the new system name for each system

6.       Save your entries.