Converting ALE Basis Customizing Data


If you want to maintain and test ALE basis customizing data in a system landscape, and then be transported or distributed into other systems, the consistency of this data must also be checked in the new system landscape. The ALE Basis Customizing Data Conversion tool automatically adjusts this data. It does not transport the ALE basis customizing data; it converts the data for the new system landscape using a conversion matrix.

The target groups for the tools are system administrators who administer a distributed system landscape, in which integrated scenarios are implemented by ALE.


You have several system landscapes for distributed scenarios, e.g. one system landscape for development, one for quality assurance and one for production, in which each client has a unique logical system name. You want to transport or distribute the ALE basis customizing data from one system landscape to another.


The tool comprises two transactions:

·       Specification of the conversion matrix. A conversion matrix is specified in a system A, for a new (or user) system landscape, and then transported or distributed to it.

·       Conversion. The ALE basis customizing data is converted in the system using the conversion matrix.

Further Information

·       Specify Conversion Matrix

·       Convert