Test: Processing Cycle with the CATT


To check that IDoc processing worked, you can run a test cycle. Test data is automatically generated, sent as an IDoc and processed further in inbound processing from the IDoc. Thus, you do not guarantee that your specific IDoc type was processed error free with your specific data. You do however verify that in principle, processing worked.

The test is implemented with the Computer Aided Test Tool (CATT) as a test catalog.


To record the result of the test cases in the scope of a test plan, you must next generate one of these. You must assign one or several test packets to the test plan. These test packets are assigned individual persons again, who process the test cases contained within. For more information, see The Test Workbench in the SAP System.


The CATT test catalog contains the following test cases:

·        Configuring a port, an inbound- and an outbound partner profile

·        Generate an IDoc of type SYIDOC01

The definition of IDoc type TXTRAW01 is transferred in the IDoc.

·        Output of IDoc in an outbound file.

·        Converting an outbound file to an inbound file and transferring it to inbound processing.

Processing of the inbound IDoc is identified using the process code TXT1: The system sends a mail to you which contains the text from the SYIDOC01 IDoc.

·        Deletion of the test data, including both test IDocs.

The CATT test catalog is also referred to as a (more complex) test case.


·        Start the test in the IDoc Administration: Transaction SALE ® Basic Settings ® IDoc Administration (WE46) and  Verify Processing. The individual test cases are displayed, which you can execute individually or together.

·        For single execution of a test case, expand the node, position the mouse on the test case and choose . You can also execute the test case on another system, which is identified using a logical destination.

·        The execution of a test case generates a CATT process, which is logged. The test log is displayed immediately after the execution of the test case. The process contains a unique number and is deleted as soon as its expiry date is reached. You can view the expiry date by choosing Edit ® Process attributes.

·        You can display the attributes of a test case: Choose . You can display the programs that execute the test module within the attributes by using  .

·        After testing inbound processing, a mail should appear in your Business Workplace. The test is then classified as successful when the IDoc has the status 64 (IDoc ready to be sent to the application).

Inbound processing is therefore only complete when the IDoc has status 53 (processed successfully in the application). As this part of the processing is triggered asynchronously, the CATT process cannot wait for this status.

You execute the entire test catalog by positioning the mouse on Test the IDoc Interface and choosing  Test case.

For more information, read the section Perform Automatic Tests.