Deleting Links with IDocs


As the IDoc number increases, only the data records table gets bigger. The tables which contain links with application documents, for example, also get bigger and from time to time should be emptied of obsolete entries. 

IDocs links are always archived with them.


  1.  Start the RSRLDREL program.
  2. Enter a suitable end date.

The end date is suitable if all links that were generated before are no longer needed. For example, if you have already archived and deleted all IDocs before this date and the application documents are also archived, you no longer need the corresponding links (exception: Application documents and IDocs are to be retrieved from the archive into the SAP System).

  1. Select Selection using link type and enter a link type. Also refer to the table below.

Alternatively, you can execute the selection by choosing Object/Function. If, for example, you want to delete all links with standard orders, then you should make your selections according to object type BUS2032 (standard order) in the function APPLOBJ.

If you want to trigger the following links...

Then you must choose the  link type...

Application document with outbound IDoc


Inbound IDoc with application document


Outbound IDoc with application document in the target system


Inbound IDoc with application document from the front-end system


Inbound IDoc with communication IDocs in distributed systems


Copy of an IDoc with its original

IDC3 (inbound), IDC7(outbound)

Inbound IDoc with outbound IDoc from the front-end system


IDoc with TID ( port type tRFC, ALE audit). Does not work with deletion criterion Both objects not available!

IDC8 (inbound), IDCA (outbound)

Outbound IDoc with reference IDoc (type IDCREF01)


By using the Deletion criteria you can protect links from non-deleted objects from being deleted. The following scenarios are possible:

·   You want to delete links last. Choose Both objects not available. If now, for example, only the application document is available, you can actually display the numbers of the linked IDocs from the document, but no longer the IDocs themselves.

This option does not work for links with TIDs (for ALE audit) although they appear to be there.

·   You want to delete the links if at least one of the two objects is no longer there (option one object not available). Then, for example, you can no longer display the numbers of IDocs that have already been deleted from an application document.

·   You generally want to delete all links that meet the other selection criteria. Select Without Existence Check.

Start the program.

You can perform a Test run. Then the system only notifies you of the number of links that meet the selection criteria, but does not delete these.