Generating Status File


For test purposes you can generate a correct status file in the operating system and then send it for status processing. Thus, you can test to see if errors occurred in an external system (if incorrect status files were produced) or in the SAP System.



       1.      Choose SAP Menu ® Tools ®IDoc Interface/ALE ® Test ® Status ® Create Status File (WE18).

       2.      Specify the number of an outbound IDoc, to which the status confirmation should refer. You can use the F4 input help to search for IDocs according to specific selection criteria, in the same way, for example, for IDoc Display.

A choice of status records is displayed, which you can transfer or change.

       3.      If you want to add a status record, choose  and make entries in the individual fields. Using  or  you can copy status records and if required edit them further.

       4.      For every individual status record you can change the number of the outbound IDoc to which it should refer. Thus, the corresponding IDoc is appended.

       5.      If you want to change all the fields of a status record, select the record. Then choose . The F4 input help for IDoc number or permitted status are also available here. Also see the F1 Help for the individual fields.

In order to identify the “author“ of the status record that was written in the database in status processing, the system enters your user name and the form routine USER_ADDED in program MSEIDOC1 in the status record fields determined for this purpose. You cannot change this information. You can find it again, for example, in the database using IDoc Display (Logging tab page).

       6.      When you have edited the data as required, choose . If you do not set the Start status processing immediately indicator in the following screen, only the status file is generated. Therefore you can view the file in the operating system, which otherwise would be deleted in the course of status processing.

To subsequently process a status file, you must proceed as described in Test: Inbound Status File .