Edit Status Values


A processing status is assigned to an IDoc during processing (e.g. Status03: Data Transfer to Port OK). These status values are in turn assigned to a higher level status group (e.g. Output: IDoc Transfer Successful). This assignment to a status group is referred to as Qualification. You can change the assignment of status values to status groups in the Edit Status Values transaction.



       1.      To edit the status groups, choose the ALE customizing transaction SALE ® Set-Up System Monitoring ® Set-Up IDoc Status Display ® Edit IDoc Status Values (WE47).

A list of statuses which have been defined is displayed.

       2.      If necessary, choose . By double-clicking on the status that you wish to assign a different status group, the detail screen is displayed.

       3.      The status group is displayed in the Qualification field. Use the F4 input help for an explanation of the numbers.

       4.      Select Save.


Status 25 (processing despite syntax error (outbound)) is assigned status group 1 = “Outbound: IDoc generated". Replace 1 with 5 for “Outbound: IDoc Interface error".